The Curb Alert Project : Part 1

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January 22, 2013 by Pets To Go

20130122-193336.jpgI have always loved decorating, and more specifically, decorating on a budget. A couple years back I had this idea of trying to decorate an entire room using only items found for free, but at the time, I did not have a space large enough to run this experiment. Fast forward a couple years and guess what? I am now renting a house that has a nice, totally underused back yard. Granted my original vision was an interior room, but I think decorating a yard will be a fun challenge.

So here is the idea: decorate the entire yard, including, hopefully, a table, chairs, flowers, etc. with only items I find for free on Craigslist, on the curb, from word of mouth, and so on…. I am allowing myself to spend up to $20 in touch up supplies on each item – this includes paint, new hardware, sand paper, etc….

What the yard is starting with includes a green bench and 2 green plastic chairs that came with the house, a needing-some-live arbor bench, some unused pots, and a hammock that we brought with us.

My style is best described as Parisian shabby chic with a touch of Steampunk and a distinct vintage nod. I am not quite sure how that will translate to a yard, but I am excited to find out!

Let the experiment begin!!






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