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yellow wall alteredI never know what to write on these “About Me” pages…… I guess I should start in the beginning of my artistic adventure and work from there…..

mini hat 7.1I started making and selling 1:12 scale dollhouse miniatures when I was around 15. I loved doing this and began traveling to miniature shows around the state of Washington. When I was 18 I took my miniature business from a primarily retail based one to a wholesale company and at that time created over 200 unique items. Almost all of my designs were Victorian period pieces and my most popular design was (and still is) my Victorian feathered hat. Over the course of the last 15 years I have participated in over 100 miniature shows and taught workshops throughout the US, UK, and Japan.

bee ringLike most artists I am eclectic and like to do more then one thing at once – enter jewelry design. About 5 years ago I was wandering down a street in Paris and saw the most beautiful shop window filled with handmade artisan jewelry. Ever since that day I have been enthralled with jewelry design and creating pieces that are unique and original. I create artisan jewelry pieces under both my name Julie Anne Bean and under my company name Blue Pig Design House. I sell my designs on Etsy and at juried art fairs.

In addition to my own designs, I work full time as Senior Designer at Beadaholique. I create project kits, perform and design YouTube instructional jewelry making videos (I have over 150 videos online), design magazine ad pieces, and work on their social media.

weddingBut life is more then just “work”, even the work that we love doing. I am very happily married to my best friend (yes, cheesy I know, but true) Brett Bean. Brett is a concept artist in the animation/tv/video game industry and together we exhibit at 6 – 8 conventions each year including Comic Con International in San Diego. Our house is always scattered with art supplies and filled with laughter. We are both originally from Seattle and have lived in San Francisco, Austin, and Los Angeles as well. We currently make our home in Pasadena, CA and can often be found lounging in the backyard hammock.

Besides my husband, my greatest love is traveling. My perfect day would be to wake up in a little hotel in the 7th arrondissimment in Paris, grab a jambon et beurre baguette and bottled water from a local patisserie, take the metro to the Marche Aux Puces de Saint Oeun (flea market), and then just spend the day meandering through the hundreds of market stalls filled with antiques and vintage goods. My night would end with a dinner at a little cafe complete with a glass of white wine and some chocolate mousse. Heaven!


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